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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why I'm Excited about GHC 2010!

Here is a list of the top 5 reasons I am excited about going to GHC this year. Why are you excited?

1. POKENS!!! You must have one, it is going to be the easiest method to keep in touch with all of your new contacts.

2. After reading the master schedule and creating my own, there is something I want to go to for every session. Boy am I going to be exhausted.

3. I am so excited about making new connections this year and keeping them. I feel like I'll be at my best since GHC will finally be in my time zone :). I've met a lot of you in the past two years, but this is the year evmy Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog, and Twitter are ready to accept connections.

4. My group from UCF is finally staying in the conference hotel! This is huge for us, we finally got enough funding for all 12 girls to be on site. This means no heavy backpacks, no car rentals, and access to my stuff at a moments notice. What a relief!

5. Eating really good food that I am not preparing myself :). Now I am a person that loves to cook, but it is going to be a relief that during this whirlwind food isn't something I'll be worried about.

Now don't be shy everyone, speak up and comment reasons why you are excited.


  1. I'm pretty excited about the Pokens too. :)

    My main point of excitement is the sessions... they look so cool! I haven't decided on a final schedule for myself yet... probably mostly tech track, but not always... :)

    I'm also excited for the rapidly-changing content of the #ghc10 twitter stream! I really enjoyed that last year. :)

    I'm a little worried about my room arrangements, because I made all the arrangements with people over facebook and I hope it all goes smoothly!!

  2. I agree, the sessions this year sound so great. It took me a while to nail down my schedule but I finally did. However I just read that there is an addendum to the schedule, which means I truly am not finished yet :) .

    This will be my first year following the twitter stream but even now it has helped a lot with getting news fast.

    I hope your room arrangements work out I'm sure if there are problems we can find you someone to room with :).

    Thanks for your comment, I hope we get to meet next week.

  3. I'm excited about the HCI sessions and the HCI field trip on Friday! And I'm really looking forward to just hanging with and learning from so many passionate and gifted people. Plus, I've never been to Atlanta so I'm stoked about that. And like geeklinda, I'm hoping my room arrangements work out as planned - I guess I'll know soon enough on that one...2 more days till GHC10 - woo hoo!