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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome: Lori Pollock, GHC Program Co-Chair

A view on the welcome speech:

Lori Pollock spoke to us for 15 minutes this morning and her slides were very informative. I'm glad they had something occur 30 minutes before the sessions to get everyone downstairs and ready.

She went over what we should be doing today emphasizing that it is a special day for students so all you undergrad, grads, and post grads out there listen up!

What you should be doing today
--Attend presentations (by students)
--Attend poster session (more by students)
--Listen to advise this afternoon

What's the difference between the PhD Forum and the New Investigators?
PhD Forum (still working on their phd) and New Investigators (just graduated students research).

This is your chance to see what its like fro a graduate student to present at a forum like this.

LUNCH!!! Special in that there will be tables for special topic areas. Meet other people with common interests.

A summary of the tracks coming up today -

Undergrad track - What is research, how is it different from development, how do i know it is for me, what is the path.

Grad track (2) - 1-2 yr. then senior grad students - Now no one is telling you what to do, now what? Building network how? What's it take to do great research? How to make Huge impacts. - How do i start my own research program... how do i become a leader... how do i get promoted (important).

Evening - newcomer session, how to maneuver, what should i not miss, how do you plan your time.

Whew that is a long day, I hope to see you all around. Come introduce yourself and lets introduce our pokens!

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