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Friday, August 24, 2012

Using Twitter at #GHC12

Love tweeting? Do it at #GHC12! 

New to twitter? Join now to get up to date information and connect with attendees of the conference, get live updates and answers to your questions at the conference and keep in contact with all of your new contacts after heading home.

The aim of this post is to give a few tips about using twitter in conjunction with the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2012. This year we've decided (the communities committee) to make some hash tags for use along with the #ghc12 tag. We have so many wonderful sessions that it would be hard to follow a discussion on for example the leadership track of session. 

So here is what you do to participate:
  • Have a general question or comment about GHC12? Just append #ghc12 to your tweet
  • Are you the author or panelist of a session in one of the track and you want to publicize it before the conference? append #ghc12 as well as the track hash tag found in the table below, ie #sec
  • You are an attendee and you want to follow the updates on a certain track? Do a search on #ghc12 and the track i.e., #sec and save your search to easily access it later
  • Just wanna talk about a specific track or topic, you've got the hang of it now, just append #ghc12 and the track hash tag i.e. #sec to your tweet!
What else should you know?
  • Join the attendees list by sending a tweet to @ghc 
  • Get official tweets by following @ghc

Women of Underrepresented Groups Track
Security Track
PhD Forum
New Investigators
Leadership Workshop
Career Development
CRA-W tracks
Senior Women’s Summit
Invited Technical Speakers
Social Collaboration
Technical Executive Forum
Award Winners

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