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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Carol Bartz Keynote

Here are some impressive numbers on Yahoo!

600 million people come to them from around the world and they serve up 100 billion emails a month as well as 18 billion adds a day.

Here are some key points from Carol on career and life.

-Embrace change
-Stand up for yourself
-BE A LEADER dont wait for a mentor to come along
-Don't think of your career about a ladder thing about it as a pyramid. (ladders are unstable.)
-Given that you are on average 20 yrs old you have about 50 years to work
-Dont miss out on a family.
-Men are inferior.

I was following her the whole way through her talk having one of those "hallelujah sister" moments until she got to the part about men. I don't know how all of you feel about this last (semi-joking) statement but it really slapped me in the face and took the moment away. She was joking right?

The best moment of her talk though, and I hope you were there to see it was the BIOTCH WINGS! This I believe is really important. Learn how to defend your ideas. In my opinions part of this is getting to know your team really well. Find out what types of arguments work. Something else I find useful is letting your colleagues know what signals you are upset. (And ladies this is also true in relationships) Do not just subtly act upset specifically say when I do this it means stop and listen for a moment.

What do you use to get people to listen up ?

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