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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paper Notes: Linear LMS Compensation for Timing ismatch in Time-Interleaved ADCS

Authors: Damián Marelli, Kaushik Mahata and Minyue Fu

Year: November 2009

Idea: A compensation method which does not assume the input signal is bandlimited, however it has a stationary known power spectrum. (The spectrum power can also be estimated) Then compensation for timing mismatches are desiged in a statistically optimal sense.

Formulate the problem as a estimation problem. Do the estimation using a linear LMS criterion. Where the weights W are calculated to minimize the power if the reconstruction error signal.

Simulations only.


  • Using LMS with knowledge on the spectrum. (Minimize the power of the reconstruction error signal)
  • Faster decay rate, reduces order
  • Optimization with order constraint possible
  • Proposed Wiener filter equiv filter bank compensation
  • Other methods mentioned: Eldar-Oppenheim, Johansson-Lowenborg, Prendergast-Levy-Hurst (PLH)

Look up:

  • Frobenius norm
  • Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse
  • Wiener smoother

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